Monday, February 27, 2012

In Progress Work From the Studio (That is Also My Bedroom)

In an effort to blog more regularly, I thought I'd share some of what I am currently working on. This week at St. Catherine's, the girls have something called X-Term, and I get a week plus spring break to make pottery! I will also be attending the NAEA conference in New York City to present about research in art education with Erin and Lenora, but until then, I am trying to stay focused on clay.

After I put up the art show at Lift, I have been working on making more of the plates that I really liked. I have also gotten excited about making porcelain jewelry! These are some porcelain pieces that are in the leather hard and bone dry phases (unfired clay):

Serving dishes, jewelry, cup, and bud vase

Small dish, big texture

Little Hug Knot Dangle Earrings! 
(These were inspired by the Hug Knot Necklaces on my Esty site:

I am also constantly networking on Etsy to try to get noticed and have more sales. What I have learned so far is that you need to really get involved with the Etsy community in order to become a consistent seller. Teams are a great way to learn about other businesses... but also a great way to lose track of your entire day. Guilty!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Exciting Start of 2012!

Stop by to see some of my new pottery February 2012 at Lift Coffee Shop and Cafe: 
218 West Broad Street  Richmond, VA

Me outside of Lift on Friday :)

This past weekend was a blast and really made the last month of hard work feel truly worth it! The opening for my show Drift and Flow was on Friday as part of Richmond's First Fridays events at Lift Coffee Shop, and the place was surprisingly full! I am so grateful for all the kind and supportive people I know that came out to share my joy in having my first solo art show. There will be many more to come soon.

The show was inspired by a set of egg cups that I was commissioned to make (I call them Tiny Dancers), and includes functional and sculptural pottery with a sea-like aesthetic. The entire show was put together in under a month. How this happened: One day I was having breakfast at Lift and Joe convinced me to ask them how I might put some work up in their cafe. I was extremely nervous to ask questions but with more prodding I got up the nerve, and one of the ladies there told me that they were in need of a new show in just three and a half weeks. I said I would love to take on the February show. Of course three and half weeks is enough time to design pottery, make pottery, fire pottery, glaze pottery, fire pottery, photograph pottery, make advertisements, make programs, and figure out shelving for drywall walls that have no studs! 

Well, it somehow happened, and was a great success. 
A number of pieces were sold and others were commissioned!

I really would not have been able to do this if I didn't have my handy new, self appointed Brand Manager Joe Charles, who helped me get the ball rolling and assumed his new role brilliantly. (Also many thanks to many others!)

It was also wonderful having my camp friend Becca visit for the weekend to come to my show, watch my high schoolers act in one act skits, eat Sweet Frog, and make the Super Bowl more exciting! What a great weekend!